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* Assist. Prof. Tung D. Ta, The University of Tokyo, Chair
* Assoc. Prof. Le Duc Anh, The University of Tokyo, Co-Chair

After 3 years of social distancing, we are making progress in adapting to the new normal. Countries are gradually relieving the traveling restriction, re-opening the economy, and ready for constructing a new future. To accelerate our society’s development, we need everyone’s contribution, regardless of their background. We understand deeply the crucial role of diversity in a modern inclusive society. Social inclusion is a process by which efforts are made to ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless of their background, so that they can achieve their full potential in life. It is a multi-dimensional process aimed at creating conditions that enable full and active participation of every member of society in all aspects of life, including civic, social, economic, and political activities, as well as participation in decision-making processes. In this plenary session of VANJ Conference 2022, we will welcome speakers from both Japan and Vietnam to discuss diversity and inclusion from multiple aspects including science, technology, education, and application in our society.


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VANJ Conference 2022 VANJ Conference 2022