VANJ Conference 2021 (VANJ2021) – Bridging Academic and Industry is organized by Vietnamese Academic Network in Japan (VANJ), partnered with Vietnam Youth Vet Network (VYVN) and Vietnam Biomedical Science Community (VBMC), following the success of the previous conference, VANJ2020 – Science and Technology in the New Normal. VANJ2021 is a multidisciplinary platform for science and technology exchanges with the participation of scientists, researchers, and intellectuals.

This year, VANJ2021 emphasizes the importance of coordinating and deepening the linkages between academic and industry in order to facilitate the effective use by society of the results of university-based research. VANJ2021 welcomes all the scientists, researchers, experts and intellectuals to jointly participate and discuss “Bridging Academic and Industry” in various aspects of education, science and technology. With high-quality and in-depth scientific content, VANJ2021 also aims to promote active research collaborations between Vietnam and Japan.
Participants of this conference are mainly researchers from Japan and Vietnam, but researchers from other regions are warmly welcome.

VANJ2021 includes Special Sessions to discuss the following scientific topics:
★  Economic and business insights in an uncertain world
★  Sharing your experiences to bridge academia and industry
★  Applications and controls of energy conversion systems for CO2 emission reduction
★  State-of-the-art AI in medical imaging
★  New horizon of physics and devices in 2D materials
★  African swine fever: The final frontier
★  Genome sequence analysis in AMR bacteria: Achievements and challenges

We also welcome submissions from young scientists and students for General Sessions at the following scientific areas:
★ Natural sciences (Computer and information sciences, Physical sciences, Chemical sciences, Earth and related environmental sciences, Biological sciences, etc.)
★  Engineering and Technology (Electrical and electronic engineering, Mechanical engineering, Materials engineering, Nanotechnology, etc.)
★  Medical sciences (Basic medicine, Health sciences and biotechnology, etc.)
★  Agricultural sciences (Veterinary Science, Agricultural biotechnology, etc.)
★ Social sciences (Economics and business, Educational sciences, Social and economic geography, Media and communications, etc.)
★ Other interested topics