The Association of Vietnamese Intellectuals in Japan (AVIJ), the Vietnamese name is Hội Trí thức Việt Nam tại Nhật Bản (Hội Trí thức), was established with the goal of connecting all individuals and intellectual groups of Vietnamese people in Japan, regardless of gender, age, expertise, and geographic region. Through AVIJ, each member will have the opportunity to approach Vietnamese experts in the same field in Japan, Vietnam, as well as other countries around the World; access to information on policies, domestic projects, technology problems, and needs in Vietnam; approach agencies and units to support the realization of ideas to contribute to Vietnam and the World.

AVIJ also creates opportunities for cooperation between individuals and individual groups, creating collective strength to implement challenging projects for individuals and groups. Through these activities, the AVIJ wishes to create a unified voice and elevate the position and role of the Vietnamese intellectual community in Japan.

AVIJ is currently the convergence of intellectual groups across Japan, notable organizations such as the Community of Scientists Teaching/Researching (VANJ), the Community of Working Experts/Partners in companies/conglomerates (VPJ), the Student Youth Community (VYSA), the local Vietnamese intellectual communities throughout Japan, and the Vietnam Innovation Network in Japan (VJOIN). The Intellectual Association connects, supports, and replicates the activities of the groups mentioned above.