Organized by:
* Dr. Ly Hoang Hiep, The University of Tokyo, Chair
* Assist. Prof. Tran Dinh Tuan, Ritsumeikan University, Co-Chair
* Mr. Nguyen Huu Le Quang Tin, Mujin Inc, Coordinator

Robotics and the technologies used in robotics are being applied in various fields, from household and healthcare to industrial manufacturing and autonomous vehicles. However, the robotic field faces numerous challenges based on its hardware and software capabilities related to the technologies like artificial perception (haptic, visual, or auditory), power sources, control algorithms, Artificial intelligence (AI), etc. Currently, AI is interested in being applied to many robotic businesses and research. AI enables robotic automation to improve and perform complicated operations. However, most industrial companies that utilize robots have not yet applied AI-based technology to their products. Traditional control algorithms are still preferred for industrial products due to their precision, stability, and reliability. Nonetheless, AI is forecasted to appear more and more in future robots and industries. In addition, many other scientific disciplines, such as psychology and neuroscience, are interested in applying robotics and AI to research, for example, investigating human behavior when interacting with devices, machines, and robots. In this conference, we will hear the opinions of experts from academia and industry on current technologies and issues related to Robotics, Artificial Perception, Control, and AI.

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Robotics and AI
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