Message from committee

Dear esteemed scientists and fellow researchers,

On behalf of the Vietnamese Academic Network in Japan (VANJ), the co-chairs of the Organizing Committee VANJ 2023 welcome you back to Tokyo, Japan, and to VANJ Conference 2023, the annual international event co-organized with Center for Spintronics Research Network (CSRN), University of Tokyo.

Our world is changing in the throes of transformation, marked by unprecedented climate disruptions, environmental pollution, and the alarming depletion of natural resources. These pressing issues pose a critical challenge to the sustainable development of nations worldwide. At this critical juncture, where environmental preservation and the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions are paramount, VANJ Conference 2023 endeavors to catalyze interdisciplinary dialogues that transcend the conventional confines of academia. Focusing on the theme “Green Environment and Energy”, our aim is to stimulate the formulation of scientifically informed solutions for these pressing challenges. Our objective is to cultivate an intellectual environment that fosters the exploration, celebration, and innovative advancement of the symbiotic relationship between the green environment and the energy sector.

We extend a heartfelt welcome and encourage you to take this opportunity to participate in VANJ 2023 discussions. Together, let’s work towards our shared objective of a cleaner environment and widespread adoption of green energy, while making your experience at VANJ 2023 both enjoyable and memorable.


“VANJ 2023 – Green Environment and Energy” welcomes all scientists, researchers, experts, and intellectuals to jointly participate and discuss various aspects of science and technology.

The context of environmental and green energy issues is becoming increasingly critical globally. The world is witnessing a rise in climate change, environmental pollution, and depletion of natural resources. These challenges pose a significant threat to the sustainable development of all nations, including Vietnam and Japan.

On a global scale, nations are collaborating to form agreements and strong commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. The transition to green and sustainable energy sources is no longer just a trend but a necessity. New technologies related to renewable energy, energy conservation, and environmental management are being developed and implemented extensively. The world is working together to ensure we can generate clean energy, protect the environment, and ensure sustainable living for all.

With two days filled with top-quality research and vibrant discussion, VANJ CONFERENCE 2023 is the ideal opportunity to meet colleagues, leading experts, renowned scientists and researchers from Japan, Vietnam and around the world.

Aim and scope

Vietnamese Academic Network in Japan (VANJ) is honored to organize VANJ Conference 2023 – Green Environment and Energy as a dynamic and multidisciplinary platform for science and technology exchange between the two countries. With the overall theme of “Green Environment and Energy”, VANJ 2023 welcomes all the scientists, researchers, and experts in Japan, Vietnam, and other countries to discuss how science and technology can contribute to addressing global challenges and creating a brighter future for future generations. Let’s work together towards our goal: a clean environment and green energy for all. 

VANJ2023 encourage contributions on a wide array of topics to general sessions, including but not limited to:

  • Natural Sciences (Physical sciences, Chemical sciences, Biological sciences, etc.)
  • Engineering and Technology (Electrical and electronic engineering, Mechanical engineering, Materials engineering, Construction engineering, Nanotechnology, etc.)
  • Medical Sciences (Basic medicine, Health sciences and biotechnology, etc.)
  • Agricultural Sciences (Veterinary Science, Agricultural biotechnology, etc.)
  • Social Sciences (Economics and business, Educational sciences, Social and economic geography, Media and communications, etc.)
  • Sustainability Sciences (Earth and related environmental sciences, etc.)
  • Computer and Information Sciences
  • Other interesting topics

Together with the high-quality scientific content, VANJ 2023 also aims to promote the exchange and active collaboration between Japanese researchers and Vietnamese researchers who are or had been working in Japan.