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In recent years, the Vietnam – Japan relationship has been growing rapidly and Japan is now one of the most important partners of Vietnam in various aspects including economy, trade, education, science, and technology. Currently, there are about 500,000 Vietnamese citizens residing in Japan, among those many are scientists and researchers working at reputable universities, research institutes, and leading companies. Along with the growth of the community of Vietnamese researchers and experts in Japan, a growing number of Vietnamese alumni are coming back from Japan and actively contributing to the development of Vietnam as well as the Japan-Vietnam bilateral relationship. Vietnamese Academic Network in Japan (VANJ) was established in 2016 in Tokyo as a result of the rapid growth of the community and proudly serves as a platform for promoting intellectual collaborations and friendships between people of the two countries. We have been annually co-organizing many important Vietnam – Japan scientific events in recent years:

  • Vietnam Japan Scientific Exchange Meeting VJSE2017 (Tokyo): 250 participants.
  • Vietnam Japan Scientific Exchange Meeting VJSE2018 (Sendai): 150 participants. 
  • Vietnam – Japan Science and Technology Symposium VJST2019 (Hanoi): 200 participants.
  • Vietnam Summit in Japan 2019 (Tokyo): 900 participants.
  • VANJ Conference 2020 – Science and Technology in the New Normal (Japan, Online): 600 participants.
  • VANJ Conference 2021 – Bridging Academic and Industry (Japan, Online): 600 participants
  • Vietnam Summit in Japan 2021 (Tokyo): 1300 participants.
  • VANJ Conference 2022 – Diversity for an Inclusive Society (Tokyo): 500 participants.