Organized by:

Dr. Bui Ngoc Kien, The University of Tokyo (Chair)

Dr. Phan Thanh Ngoc, Yokohama National University (Co-chair)

Dr. Nguyen Hong Son, Hazama Ando Corporation (Coordinator)

In the context of the world’s pursuit of the crucial goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, the focus on the green transition is becoming indispensable in all sectors. The construction industry is no exception; on the contrary, it faces an essential task in meeting societal and environmental demands. The most evident aspect of this green transition in construction is the use of environmentally friendly materials, sustainable construction materials, recycling, and the adoption of green technologies, alongside efficient energy conservation. Hence, the session at VANJ conference with the theme ” Innovative Green Construction Technologies for Sustainable Development” will center its discussions on the following key topics: 

· Capturing CO2 by concrete waste through advanced technologies. 

· Innovative utilization of returned and remained fresh concrete for environmentally friendly high-value construction materials.

· Utilizing recycled concrete waste in building structures to promote sustainability. 

· Transforming waste sludge into green construction materials. 

This seminar will provide new insights, uncover innovative solutions, and foster collaboration in building a sustainable future for the construction industry.

The panel discussion was attended by 5 guest speakers who are experts in the field of Civil Engineering:

🔔Prof. Hosoda Akira, Yokohama National University, Japan

🔔Associate Prof. Fubin Zhang, Jiangsu University/ The University of Tokyo, China/ Japan

🔔Dr. Wang Dianchao, The University of Tokyo, China/ Japan

🔔Dr. Kurihara Ryo, The University of Tokyo, Japan

🔔Dr. Vu Minh Chien, Detomo Inc, Vietnam/ Japan

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Room 3
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