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Dr. Tran Thi Ngoc Phuong, Waseda University (Chair)

In this session, we would like to inspire you with teaching and training practical examples ranging from language courses to content-based courses in Asian contexts. 

First, we discuss concept and practices of translanguaging in the EMI contexts (English as a Medium of Instruction) from the ideological, pedagogical, and sociocultural perspectives. 

Second, we bring together three major strands related to learning, the nature of teaching and training practices in the Asian context, informed by theory and supported by practical examples in Japan, Kyrgyzstan Vietnam, with an emphasis on pre-service training for school teachers. The focus of the seminars is to ensure that new teachers are well-prepared to succeed in the classroom, by building them up and giving them practice and confidence in a teaching practicum.

Third, as technology advances, technology aids instructors in developing a learning environment conducive to students from different cultures and backgrounds to embrace their talents and to develop their potential while learning from one another. Thoughtfully-selected digital tools will afford students enhanced collaboration and interaction opportunities rather than interfering. 

Finally, in the global classrooms, how to build the peace awareness of international students in the class is an important factor for successful learning outcomes. In this talk, we will introduce some examples of students’ transformation through class as well.

We would like to introduce 4 guest speakers who are experts in the field of Education:

🔔Prof. Roger Palmer, Konan University, Japan.

🔔Prof. Hideko Shibasaki, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan.

🔔Dr. Yanty Wirza, The Education University, Indonesia.

🔔Dr. Marcela Lopez Bravo, Florida International University, Miami, USA.

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